I’ve been knee deep in editing and fine tuning The Unexpected Submissive. When I first released it two years ago I knew nothing about promoting/marketing. I thought , hey, I have this book I wrote and I’m going to publish it. It sold a few copies but mostly it just sat in the cyber world book shelf. The few friends who bought it told me there were lots of errors in it so I pulled it from sales and it sat for a couple of years. The first editor I hired did a terrible job of editing and I was too trusting. I published without reviewing. Lesson learned!

So, I got it proofread and edited, again, by someone I totally trust and whose helped on the other books, but since she’s not a professional editor, some things were missed and that’s where I come in. Finding the remaining mistakes and correcting them! I got a bit of advice a while ago about listening to the book while editing. OMG! It’s amazing the issues you find when listening to the book being read to you. I’m so grateful for that bit of advice.

I finished listening to the book last night and will begin on the formatting. Wish me luck!

I’ve done several takeovers in the past few weeks and a few of them were total downers. No participation from any readers. The only sound were the chirping of the crickets! 🙂 So it basically felt as if I was talking to myself for a half hour.  The hour long ones are the most painful ones when there is no participation.  I’ve also decided that I will only do giveaways in takeovers that are an hour long. I just felt like I was giving away too many books. If the readers who got the free books would leave a review that would be awesome, but most of them don’t.

Someone suggest to me yesterday that I should look into getting a street team. I’m giving it some thought.  Any help getting the word out on my books would be awesome, so I’m seriously giving it consideration.




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