Typos, Typos, Typos

God, how embarrassing! I published The Alphas’ Bliss with a variety of typos! I reviewed the copy three times as did my editor and we thought we caught everything, evidently not! One of the ladies who is reviewing my book caught them and sent them to me so I’m in the process of fixing them and will have to reformat and republish. ARGG! I don’t mind fixing the typos, it’s the reformatting I hate. It different for each site I publish on.

I downloaded a text to speech app last night that will hopefully help me catch the typos and any weird wording. I’m so very embarrassed.

Mea, my editor apologized but it’s not like editing is her “real” job so I couldn’t be upset with her. Ultimately the blame falls on me, I should be more careful before publishing. Lesson learned.

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