Takeover #2

I did my second ever author takeover last night and it was awesome! I wasn’t as nervous now that I had one under my belt. Well, now I have two. πŸ™‚Β  One of my participants said it was one of the best take overs she’d been too. Definitely made my night.Β  These things are a bit of work and take some prep but it’s worth it to have the readers interacting with me and trying hard to answer all the questions to win a book.

I have several more takeovers lined up for the next couple of weeks. Folks seem to enjoy the teasers and excerpts but I haven’t actually made any sales from the take-overs. I’ll probably end up giving away more books than I sell.

Speaking of selling, I put the books on sale for $.99 through the weekend, hoping to get a few sales but no luck so far.Β  Just gotta keep plugging at it I guess.


Typos, Typos, Typos

God, how embarrassing! I published The Alphas’ Bliss with a variety of typos! I reviewed the copy three times as did my editor and we thought we caught everything, evidently not! One of the ladies who is reviewing my book caught them and sent them to me so I’m in the process of fixing them and will have to reformat and republish. ARGG! I don’t mind fixing the typos, it’s the reformatting I hate. It different for each site I publish on.

I downloaded a text to speech app last night that will hopefully help me catch the typos and any weird wording. I’m so very embarrassed.

Mea, my editor apologized but it’s not like editing is her “real” job so I couldn’t be upset with her. Ultimately the blame falls on me, I should be more careful before publishing. Lesson learned.

Takeover Author Spots

I’m doing my first author take over spot tomorrow morning. I’m so nervous, but excited! Then in April I’m doing another one. Hopefully that will go a lot smoother than I’m anticipating the one tomorrow will go. πŸ™‚ I learned about takeovers from another author I befriended through FB. She’s been really helpful. Tonight I also signed up to have an agency “pimp” my book for me. Hopefully it’ll get me a few sales but we’ll see. The twitter publicity turned out to be bust. Oh well.

I also learned about doing teasers for my books. Gary’s been a huge help in that. He’s fast becoming a Photoshop expert! haha.

My real job has been nuts. I have a big standing committee meeting I’m hosting next week that I had to get the materials on the web for, please get travel arrangements finalized and the boss was on my back all week to get the quarterly newsletter out on time. Of course the web application I use to do the newsletter was giving me fits and wasn’t cooperating one bit, but low and behold, that damn newsletter got out on time!

But, the good news is that I got a couple of more chapters written in the new book and my proofreader/editor is hard at work on The Unexpected Submissive, so hopefully I’ll be able to get that one re-released soon. Cross your fingers! πŸ™‚