Blogging!  What the heck am I suppose to blog about? My books, my day, my life in general? Is anyone really interested? LOL.

I’m pretty private by nature so telling a bunch of strangers about my day or life is a little daunting. (If anyone actual reads this thing!) 🙂

So I guess I’ll start with this past week. It’s been really busy. As I mentioned before this marketing bit of being a self published author is tough! I got a big of advice from another independent author about getting bloggers to review my books. She said it was a good way of getting my name and books in front of a lot more people than just the folks on twitter and the few people who aren’t related to me on Facebook.  So I’ve been busy looking online for romance bloggers and figuring out how to convert my books from word and pdf docs to epub.  Fun times! 🙂

I’m about ten or twelve chapters into a new book. I know where I want to end up with the book but getting there is a struggle right now. My characters just aren’t talking to me.

When I wrote The Unexpected Submissive and A Dangerous Love, the stores came to me so easily and it just flowed out of me. That’s not happening with the new book and The Alphas’ Bliss was a little slow going also.

I keep reading other author’s blogs and most talk about how fast they write and how easy it comes to them. I’m a bit envious of that.  My co-worker keeps telling me that I need to write a series. That that is the key to being discovered. Is she right?





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