Long Lost Writer

It has been a while since I posted anything so I figured it was past time. The last several months have been a little rough. Back in November we lost our beloved Sullivan, our Albino Great Dane, then in December I lost my sweet little mom.  As I said, a rough few months.

I’m trying to get back in the hang of things. I’m back on FB hoping to up my readership and to engage my current readers. I’m currently working on a new book. No title just yet but it’s a paranormal romance about a vampire and his witchy mate. 🙂

You can find me on FB at Gale Cox Author.  Look me up and let’s chat!



Kell’s Beauty

I released a new title a little while ago, called Kell’s Beauty.  Here’s a little about it:

Kell Raintree is wealthy, dominant night club owner that rules his world with an iron fist, and occasionally a pair of handcuffs. He has women falling at his feet but he still hasn’t found the one who makes him feel complete. He wants the love and affection of a good woman, not a gold digger that only sees his net worth. One night while he’s up in his tower over looking his domain, a very over worked, sexy as hell, brown eyed Beauty sneaks into his office for a bit of quiet time. Something about her calls to him and when he gets that first kiss, he knows whole heartedly that she was going to be his.  What Kell doesn’t know, is that by staking his claim on his Beauty, he puts her in the direct line of sight of the crazy cop who’s out to blackmail him.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2r3k9a9


Happy Reading!! 🙂


It’s Live!!

It took a little longer than anticipated but Surrender to Me, the third book in the Unexpected Series is live on Amazon and Smashwords.  🙂

I’d like to ask a favor, well beg a favor of all my readers, please leave a review if you read any of my books. The magic number on Amazon is 50 and I’m no where near that number though my sales are past that. Please do consider leaving a short word or two on your thoughts. It would be greatly appreciated.

Keep Reading!! Much Love, G.J.



Long time,no see

It’s been while since I’ve been here and my only excuse is that I’m hard at work on another book. I’m hoping to have it published by mid-December. It’s the story of Damien and Jacob, who everyone met in The Unexpected Submissive, books one and two, but with a  little twist. Her name is Willow. 🙂


I’ve been knee deep in editing and fine tuning The Unexpected Submissive. When I first released it two years ago I knew nothing about promoting/marketing. I thought , hey, I have this book I wrote and I’m going to publish it. It sold a few copies but mostly it just sat in the cyber world book shelf. The few friends who bought it told me there were lots of errors in it so I pulled it from sales and it sat for a couple of years. The first editor I hired did a terrible job of editing and I was too trusting. I published without reviewing. Lesson learned!

So, I got it proofread and edited, again, by someone I totally trust and whose helped on the other books, but since she’s not a professional editor, some things were missed and that’s where I come in. Finding the remaining mistakes and correcting them! I got a bit of advice a while ago about listening to the book while editing. OMG! It’s amazing the issues you find when listening to the book being read to you. I’m so grateful for that bit of advice.

I finished listening to the book last night and will begin on the formatting. Wish me luck!

I’ve done several takeovers in the past few weeks and a few of them were total downers. No participation from any readers. The only sound were the chirping of the crickets! 🙂 So it basically felt as if I was talking to myself for a half hour.  The hour long ones are the most painful ones when there is no participation.  I’ve also decided that I will only do giveaways in takeovers that are an hour long. I just felt like I was giving away too many books. If the readers who got the free books would leave a review that would be awesome, but most of them don’t.

Someone suggest to me yesterday that I should look into getting a street team. I’m giving it some thought.  Any help getting the word out on my books would be awesome, so I’m seriously giving it consideration.




Takeover #2

I did my second ever author takeover last night and it was awesome! I wasn’t as nervous now that I had one under my belt. Well, now I have two. 🙂  One of my participants said it was one of the best take overs she’d been too. Definitely made my night.  These things are a bit of work and take some prep but it’s worth it to have the readers interacting with me and trying hard to answer all the questions to win a book.

I have several more takeovers lined up for the next couple of weeks. Folks seem to enjoy the teasers and excerpts but I haven’t actually made any sales from the take-overs. I’ll probably end up giving away more books than I sell.

Speaking of selling, I put the books on sale for $.99 through the weekend, hoping to get a few sales but no luck so far.  Just gotta keep plugging at it I guess.


Typos, Typos, Typos

God, how embarrassing! I published The Alphas’ Bliss with a variety of typos! I reviewed the copy three times as did my editor and we thought we caught everything, evidently not! One of the ladies who is reviewing my book caught them and sent them to me so I’m in the process of fixing them and will have to reformat and republish. ARGG! I don’t mind fixing the typos, it’s the reformatting I hate. It different for each site I publish on.

I downloaded a text to speech app last night that will hopefully help me catch the typos and any weird wording. I’m so very embarrassed.

Mea, my editor apologized but it’s not like editing is her “real” job so I couldn’t be upset with her. Ultimately the blame falls on me, I should be more careful before publishing. Lesson learned.

Takeover Author Spots

I’m doing my first author take over spot tomorrow morning. I’m so nervous, but excited! Then in April I’m doing another one. Hopefully that will go a lot smoother than I’m anticipating the one tomorrow will go. 🙂 I learned about takeovers from another author I befriended through FB. She’s been really helpful. Tonight I also signed up to have an agency “pimp” my book for me. Hopefully it’ll get me a few sales but we’ll see. The twitter publicity turned out to be bust. Oh well.

I also learned about doing teasers for my books. Gary’s been a huge help in that. He’s fast becoming a Photoshop expert! haha.

My real job has been nuts. I have a big standing committee meeting I’m hosting next week that I had to get the materials on the web for, please get travel arrangements finalized and the boss was on my back all week to get the quarterly newsletter out on time. Of course the web application I use to do the newsletter was giving me fits and wasn’t cooperating one bit, but low and behold, that damn newsletter got out on time!

But, the good news is that I got a couple of more chapters written in the new book and my proofreader/editor is hard at work on The Unexpected Submissive, so hopefully I’ll be able to get that one re-released soon. Cross your fingers! 🙂